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Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense is the word we hear from every blogger and it is also the great dream of an every blogger to earn money online via Google Adsense. Coming to Google Adsense network, It is an Pay Per Click advertising program with high paying network. Google Adsense allows its users to monetize their blog/website with most desirable ads.

But now a day’s Google is not allowing small publishers to apply for new Adsense account due to the increase in rules and regulations. That is why it’s very difficult to get Approved Adsense account. If any how we get approved Adsense account we can’t say and guarantee that our account will remain active.

Google may any time ban your account without any notice and we feel that is the end. So it is better to stay away from Adsense until you establish a huge blog or website. You must not be disappointed as Adsense is not the end. There are lots of Google Adsense alternatives which you can try.

Here we have Listed Top 6 Google Adsense Alternatives :

1. Infolinks :

Infolinks is the best and the top most In-Text Advertisement Advertising program. It provides In-Text Advertisement for all text based blogs and websites. The big advantage is Infolinks approve each and every blog or a website. And it is also the second best option of Google Adsense.

But here the main drawback is low click rate. You can withdraw your money from PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer and by using Infolinks debit cards. Here the Minimum payment is 50$ for PayPal and debit cards, 300$ for Bank Wire Transfer.

2. BuySellAds :

Here in the name itself BuySellAds where you can buy ads (Publisher) and sell ads (Advertiser). It is a Direct Advertising Ad Network. This website acts as a middle person for both Advertiser and Publisher to meet together. Here the complete process is done by BuySellAds and they Keep the Money till the Deal time is completed. They charges 25 percentage of transaction amount for providing the service.

We ca say that it is also one of the best Google Adsense Alternatives Advertising Network. Here getting approved BuySellAds account is not so easy like other ad networks. We need to have a good quality website with a neat design with huge traffic. You can withdraw your money from PayPal, Cheque, Bank Wire Transfer and the Minimum Payout is 50$.

3. Chitika :

Chitika is a Cost Per Click ad network which was founded in 2003 and it is a search targeted advertising network. Chitika also approve almost all well established blogs. Chitika places the ads according to the content and pays a high click rate mostly for the US and UK traffic. We can also consider this as another best Google Adsense Alternatives Advertising program.

We can customize the ads, i.e. we can edit text color, URL color and border color of the ad according to our blog design. Here the ads are customized into three types. 1. Search Targeted ads 2. Mobile Ads and 3. Local Ads. You can also earn some extra income from their referral program. You can withdraw your money from PayPal, Cheque and the Minimum Payout for PayPal is 10$ and 50$ is for Cheque.

4. Adbrite :

Adbrite is very similar to BuySellAds. Here when you join this ad network you will not get ads instantly unless and until someone buy ad place on your blog and you can also setup your ad space price on weekly basis, monthly basis etc.

You have a complete authority to accept or reject the advertisement. So that you can choose the ads related to your blog or website. The main thing is that they approve each and every blog or a website. You can withdraw your money from PayPal, Cheque and the Minimum Payout is 100$.

5. Kontera :

Kontera is also an In-text Advertising network. It is similar to Infolinks. They scan our websites and find the keywords which match their keywords in the Database and show Ads Accordingly. To get approved in Kontera our blog needs good and huge page impressions.

Kontera Payouts are really good with high CTR. The main drawback is Kontera ads might slow down loading time of your blog. Here you can withdraw your money from PayPal, Cheque, EFT and the Minimum Payout is 50$.

6. Bidvertiser :

Bidvertiser is an ad network that offers the ability to the website owners to sell their ad space automatically to the highest bidding advertiser. Here publishers are totally dependent on direct bids from advertisers for most of their income. Bidvertiser now pays extra revenue for conversions.

We have to provide some keywords and category of our website to get the ads displayed, otherwise they don’t have the ability to display ads related to the context of our webpage. But in the other advertising networks like Google Adsense and Chitika, they get the keywords of your website themselves automatically. You can withdraw your money from PayPal, Cheque, Bank Wire Transfer and the Minimum Payout is 10$.


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